These aren't really character classes. You can't choose which class your character becomes permanently. These are more like sets of gear you equip to play as the class you want.

Melee Edit

Average damage and average defense. Mostly uses fast attacks and sometimes bows or throwing axes. Finds a safe spot and helps speed up the process of defeating enemies, also has to watch out not to generate more threat than tank.

Specialty: highest damage per second
Main Professions: Weaponsmith & Leatherworking
Nickname: Fighter

Tank Edit

Low Damage and high defense. Tank's defense and threat generation are necessary for completing dungeons. Has access to ranged weapons but focuses on keeping aggro. Usually stands in one place and attacks, sometimes dodging stronger attacks.

Specialty: bonus threat generation
Main Professions: Weaponsmith & Armorsmith
Nickname: Warrior

Mage Edit

High damage and low defense. Low attack speed is compensated by insane alpha damage. Mainly ranged attacks. Ability to use many ranged attacks makes mage the best type to deter Enemies' ranged attacks while still doing damage.

Specialty: high damage ranged attacks
Main Professions: Enchanter & Tailor

Healer Edit

Low to no damage and low defense. The focus of this class isn't damage; it's keeping everyone alive. Mostly ranged attacks than heal. Stands in a safe spot, close to the tank and strategically uses his abilities to heal and not run out of mana.

Specialty: constant and reliable healing
Main Professions: Enchanter & Tailor
Nickname: Priest

Armor Sets Edit

  • 30 lvl armor
  • 10-20 lvl quest armor
  • 20 lvl armor
Level 20 30
Tier 0.5 1 1c 1.5 1.5c 2
From Abandoned Cemetery Mullong Garrison Crafting Windsor Hold Crafting Bitterburg Ruins & Bitterburg Keep
Melee Nightmares Dark Nightmares Crafted Nightmares Destroyer Crafted Destroyer Grave
Tank Bloodlust Sacred Bloodlust Crafted Bloodlust Warbringer Crafted Warbringer Serezith
Mage Torment Relentless Torment Crafted Torment Catalcysmic Crafted Catalcysmic Vampiric
Healer Memories Conquered Memories Crafted Memories Runebound Crafted Runebound Ritual
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