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As is the case in any MMO, abbreviations are frequently used in They are very useful for speeding up communications, particularly when playing as a group inside dungeons. In this article you will find some common abbreviations and acronyms for MMOs in general, as well as ones specific to


These are general abbreviations which may be used in any MMO.


  • WTS = Wanting to sell
  • WTB = Wanting to buy
  • WTT = Wanting to trade


  • AFK = Away from keyboard
  • BRB = Be right back
  • GTG = Got to go
  • OMW = On my way
  • BRT = Be right there
  • WC = Wrong chat

Group activities

  • LFM = Looking for more (used when looking for people to enter a dungeon with; a number may be inserted to indicate the number of players required, for example 'LF2M')
  • LFG/LFT = Looking for group/Looking for team


  • AOE = Area of effect
  • DOT = Damage over time
  • DPS = Damage per second
  • GOM = Good on mana
  • UGOM = You good on mana?
  • OOM = Out of mana
  • LOM = Low on mana
  • GOE = Good on energy
  • UGOE = You good on energy?
  • OOE = Out of energy
  • LOE = Low on energy


Dungeon names in have a tendency to be rather long or obscure, so they are often shortened.

  • Abandoned Cemetery = AC/Cem
  • Mullong Garrison = MG/Mull
  • Glynphyra's Hort = GH/Glynph
  • Windsor Hold = WH
  • Bitterburg Ruins = BR
  • Bitterburg Keep = BK

Other slang

This is a list of terms which have their own distinct meanings when used within the context of an MMO.

  • Aggro = The state of a monster when it is focused on attacking a player
  • Camping = Staying in one place
  • Farming/Grinding = Repeatedly performing an action or activity
  • Kiting = Strategically moving to manipulate a monster's attacks or movement
  • Wipe = When an entire party dies and the dungeon must be reset or restarted
  • Bursting/Nuking = Doing a high amount of damage in a small amount of time
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