This is an unofficial article. Any information on this page does not need to be taken seriously, as it was likely only created because of a joke on the discord, because one of the wiki admins had too much time on their hands or any combination of the two.

These are the golden rules for running a dungeon as a group.

  1. Thou shalt not instant-need - After killing every boss in boss-based dungeons, talk in party chat about who will need and who will greed a specific item. Mention if you need the item for an upgrade or if you don't have it. Speaking of which...
  2. Thou shalt not need with item in hand - Every player has the option of getting one item before you can get your second item. If the group AGREES, you might get two items, but you need full agreement from everyone.
  3. Thou shalt not be a leaver - Dungeons will usually take 1-2hrs. If you need to leave within an hour or two, just give the group a heads up before starting. If you need to go or be AFK, let the group know, leave the party if it will be for a long period of time.
  4. Thou shalt wait for tank to attack - Wait until a tank pulls all the mobs and starts attacking before healing the tank or attacking the mobs. If this confuses you, tell the group and they'll demonstrate for you!
  5. Thou shalt die if pull unnecessary mobs - When you pull mobs that are not intended to be pulled, you shall go die in a small corner and not come back towards the group. Your sacrifice is better than the death of your group.
  6. Thou shalt not BM - This game is small, the pool of level 30's is smaller. Keep a cool head, people die, be nice.
  7. Thou shalt spin or "r" when ready - Everyone needs to be ready to start, spin around quickly or type r in chat to indicate readiness before engaging a boss or a group of enemies. Also, it's appreciated if the tank countdowns before starting.
  8. Thou shalt ask questions! - If you're confused about how something works or what you should do, ask!!!