Dungeons are instances that are different from the overworld. Every player that enters a dungeon will be in a separate instance.

There can be multiple players in the same instance, only if all of them are in the same party. All players in the party will need to use specific consumable items to enter a dungeon, unless they have an active Stein.Account. Dungeons are entered by interacting with the entrances and picking the correct dialogue option, which will teleport the player inside and consume the required items. Leaving the party while inside the dungeon, teleports the player before the entrance to the dungeon. The dungeon will reset when the player/party leaves it. Players can enter a dungeon that was already started by joining the party inside, only if it's a raid dungeon and if the players were not in a boss fight at the time.

Wave Dungeons

These are a type of dungeon where Enemies spawn in waves that increase in difficulty.

The dungeon can be started by interacting and picking the respective option in the dialogue with an NPC that can be found inside. The first wave starts 10-15 seconds after exiting the dialogue and every subsequent wave starts 10-15 seconds after the last one ends. Most of the waves spawn 2-4 enemies and instantly put every player into combat. To end a wave, all of the enemies have to be defeated. The number of waves is unlimited.

Every 5th wave, a boss appears which has to be defeated in order to proceed to the next wave. When a player dies, he can only respawn if his party members are alive at the end of the wave. If every player dies during a wave, the dungeon ends. When the dungeon ends, every player gets teleported to the entrance of the chamber and their own loot window pops up, showing them the number of waves defeated, the time of the last wave, and the amount of gold and items they have been rewarded with.

Enemies get 70% stronger with each additional party member.

The quality of the gear and the amount of Gold obtained increase with the amount of waves beaten. For beating 0 waves, you will obtain neither Items nor gold.

Raid Dungeons

These are a type of dungeon that can be completed by defeating all the bosses inside.

The dungeon will start after entering combat with the first group of enemies. In order to beat the dungeon, all bosses have to be defeated. Regular enemies however can be skipped if possible. There is only one path to the last boss, with enemies and other bosses blocking your way. The enemies of this dungeon are not randomly generated like in the wave dungeons. All Enemies are aggressive. Attacking a boss will put all players in combat.

The drops in the dungeon work the same as on the outside. That means that they are based on the Need, Greed, Pass system, unless you are not in a party. All enemies can drop random drops based on their level. Bosses are guaranteed to drop at least one Rare item. When a player is defeated outside of a Boss fight, they can respawn at the start of the dungeon after their respawn time is over. When a player dies during a Boss fight, they cannot respawn until all players leave combat. The dungeon is completed after defeating all the bosses.

After the dungeon is completed, a timer shows up with information about the length of the time it took to beat the dungeon. When you beat your current time record, the new one gets shown in the rankings. You can only leave the dungeon through the entrance or by leaving your party, provided you have one.

Name Description
Cygluln Chamber
Abandoned Cemetery
Mullong Garrison
Glynphyra's Hort
Windsor Hold
Bitterburg Ruins
Bitterburg Keep