This article will provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

So, what's a stein?

A beer stein is a kind of mug for beer. See the Wikipedia article.

My inventory is full, is there a bank or chest somewhere where I can store my items?

There is! The bank is located in Waldenbach, which is the city in the level 30 zone Waldenbach Shire. It is possible to get there starting from level one, but you will have to evade and run away from a few strong monsters on the roadside. Should you find yourself stuck in a zone above your level, most high-level players will be able to escort you back to a safer area.

My screen is all black, what do I do?

  • If you are playing the steam version, try switching to the browser.
  • If you already are playing in the browser, try reloading the page.
  • Should that not work, the problem may be a bad internet connection.
  • Should your internet connection be fine but you still have a blackscreen, try switching to another browser. The only officially supported browsers are Chrome and Firefox.

How do professions work?

  • First, decide on what profession(s) you want to train.
  • Now check the Professions page to see what kinds of gathering materials you need for your desired crafting profession(s). Be aware that for the Leatherworking profession, you will additionally need the Lumbering profession.
  • Once you know what gathering profession(s) you need, open the map with the [M] key and search for your profession vendors in Farshore. The vendors are marked with red squares on the map. If you can't find them, try scrolling in or out of the map.
  • When you have found the vendor(s) for your gathering profession, buy the necessary tool(s) and books from them.
  • Now open your Profession menu with the [K] key and click on one of the empty slots in the top right corner. Now choose the level 1 gathering book that you bought from the vendor to start learning it.
  • Now start looking around for resource nodes for your profession(s) in caves, forests, etc. and start harvesting them with your tools. By doing that, you gain XP.
  • As your level increases, learn more books, start refining resources and gain more XP until all of your required gathering professions are at level 10.
  • Now that you have all the necessary resources, you can start leveling your desired crafting profession. The process is much the same as with the gathering professions.
  • Just remember to always raise your gathering profession level first until the profession vendor in your city does not have any more books for you, then start with the crafting profession(s) again.

For further information, check out the Professions and Crafting materials pages on the wiki!

Why can't I use this sketchy weapon with the colored square(s) on it?

See here.

Where do I get resource X?

See here.

Where do I find NPC X?

See here.

Is this like Stardew Valley?

No, no it is not. Because of the similar visual styles of the two games, it is easy to make that assumption, but the genre and game mechanics of both games are in fact quite different. Stardew Valley is a single player farming simulation game with occasional RPG elements sprinkled in, while is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), much like World of Warcraft.