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Damage range calculation

Base Damage

(Lowest Damage on a Weapon + Highest Damage on a Weapon) / 2

Damage range of a normal hit

(Base Damage + Bonus Damage * Weapon Bonus Damage%) * (70%-130%)

Damage range of a critical hit

((Base Damage + Bonus Damage * Weapon Bonus Damage%) * (70%-130%)) * (100% + Bonus Critical Damage%)


Damage of a weapon 100-200
Bonus damage: 200
Bonus critical damage: 50%
Base damage: (100 + 200) / 2 = 150
Normal hit: (150 + 200 * 100%) * (70%-130%) = 350 * (0.7-1.3) = 245-455 damage
Critical hit: (245-455) * (100% + 50%) = (245-455) * 1.5 = 367-683 damage

Average Damage calculation

Average Damage

Average damage is harder to calculate, as you need to know the probability of a critical hit.

((Base Damage + Bonus Damage * Weapon Bonus Damage%) * (100% + Bonus Critical Damage%) * Critical Damage Chance%) + ((Base Damage + Bonus Damage * Weapon Bonus Damage%) * (100% - Critical Damage Chance%))


Damage of a weapon 100-200
Bonus damage: 200
Bonus critical damage: 50%
Critical Chance = 10%
Base damage: (100 + 200) / 2 = 150
Average damage: ((150 + 200 * 100%) * (100% + 50%) * 10%) + ((150 + 200 * 100%) * (100% - 10%)) =
= (350 * 150% * 10%) + (350 * 90%) =
= 52,5 + 315 =
= 367,5 damage

Average Damage per Mana usage

Average Damage / Mana usage

Average Damage per Second

Average Damage / (Weapon Cooldown * (100% - Cooldown Reduction%))

Mana Regeneration

It is simply

Mana Regeneration from Armor + Mana Regeneration from Weapon

When player is constantly using Mana potions, it works similarly to Bonus Mana Regeneration. Mana can be replaced with energy for physical fighters. This is the calculations for Mana Potion Regeneration.

Potion Restored Mana/Mana Potion Cooldown

Note: If the player doesn't instantly switch weapon after activating a potion, the calculations for Mana Potion Regeneration is:

Potion Restored Mana/Potion Cooldown

A players "Mana Regeneration" is:

 Mana Regen from Armor + Mana Regen from Weapon + Mana Potion Regen

Note, if the player doesn't use potions, "Mana Potion Regen can be deleted"

Average Continuous Damage per Second

Average Damage per Mana usage * Mana Regeneration

Average Burst Time

Burst Time using a single weapon

All calculations are made with the assumption that the player has instant switching time between Mana potions and weapons. If a player casts a weapon with low Mana Regeneration and instanly switches to a weapon with higher Mana Regeneration, it would be as if the player was always holding the weapon with the higher Mana Regeneration.

Mana regeneration - (Mana of weapon used / Weapon Cooldown) = Mana Gained or Lost per Second

If Mana gained is above or equal to 0 per second then the player can use that weapon indefinitely. If Mana is lost then the player cannot burst that weapon indefinitely.

Total Mana pool / Mana Lost per Second = Average Burst Time in seconds

Note: In the calculation above, change the negative value of "Mana lost per Second" to be positive.

Burst Time using multuiple Weapons
Mana Regeneration-Mana Usage per second for multiple weapons=Mana gained or lost per second

How to calculate the the Mana usage per second for multiple weapons:

(Weapon1 Mana Usage+Weapon2 Mana Usage+Weapon3 Mana Usage…)/How long to repeat cycle

Note, the "How long to repeat cycle" is the time intervals the shots fired from a weapon in the cycle, it is often just the cooldown of the first weapon.

Then you can take the mana Lost or Gained per second to calculate the time for how long you can burst multiple weapons.

Critical Chance

Critical chance from armor and weapons aren't added together but rather they are part of an equation

Crit chance = 1 - (1-Crit from item1) * (1-Crit from item2) * (1-Crit from item3) ... etc ... * (1 - 0.01)


Threat is an invisible statistic that only works when multiple players are involved in a fight.

To put it simply, the player with the highest Threat gets prioritized to be attacked by Enemies.

Threat is generated by dealing damage and healing. Tank players use it to get aggro of the Enemies on themselves. It can be increased by holding weapons with Bonus Threat (it works only when the Item with Bonus Threat is currently selected in the quickbar).

Enemies atttack the person who first got in their aggro range. The aggro gets passed to another player if they generate more Threat (by dealing more damage and / or healing).

Weapon without Threat

Base damage 100-200 -> 150 average damage
Average Threat generation per hit: 150

Weapon with Threat

Base damage 80-160 -> 120 average damage
Threat bonus +150%
Average Threat generation per hit: 120 + 120 * 150% = 120 + 180 = 300

Need or Greed

It's a drop system that works only when multiple players are in a group.

After an Enemy is defeated and it drops an Item, every player in the group gets the same loot window with the dropped Item, a timer, and two buttons labeled "Need" and "Greed". This works only for items of quality green or higher.

If all players in the group press Need, the Item goes to a randomly chosen player.

If some players press Need, and others press Greed, the Item goes to a randomly chosen player who picked Need.

If all players in the group press Greed, the Item goes to a randomly chosen player.

Not pressing any of those buttons after the timer runs out, counts as pressing Greed.

The messages in group chat saying [N=(random number)] or [G=(random number)] means how much someone has rolled out of 100 (N-need G-greed). The person who rolled the highest N number, gets the Item.

If multiple people who pressed the same button roll the same highest number, then another invisible drafts take place until a winner is decided.


Need - I want the item.

Greed - I don't need the Item.

Item rarity

If the Item is then it except for which always
Common does not bind
  • Quest Items
  • bind on pickup
Uncommon binds on use
  • Keys and resources
  • Quest Items and Small Backpacks
  • do not bind
  • bind on pickup
Rare binds on pickup
  • Keys and Backpacks
  • Quest Items
  • do not bind
  • bind on pickup
Epic binds on pickup
  • Backpacks
  • do not bind
Legendary binds on pickup


As an MMORPG, Stein allows you to play with other people and form parties.

If you want to form a party, select the "Create Party"-button which is located just below your health/energy/mana bar, fill in the name of the player that you want to form a party with and select create. The create party button will be replaced with the two new buttons "Invite Member" and "Leave Party". Both buttons are rather self explanatory; the process of inviting a new member into the party does not differ much from creating a new party. Alternatively to using the "Invite Member"-Button to invite a new player to the party, you can also just click on their name in the chat window and select the correct dialog choice. Once the invited player accepts the invite and joins the party, their HP bar will appear underneath yours. A party can have a maximum of five players.

Being in a party brings certain benefits, such as shared EXP, the ability to enter dungeons in groups or access to the Need or Greed system, which determines the distributions of monster drops.


"Pointsystem for new Armor and Weapons:

  • Weapons now need "Points" to get activated.
  • Armor can have "Points" which are required for those weapons.
  • Example: Weapon need two "Holy Points" to be able to be used -> You have to equip Armor so that you have at least two of those Points equipped."

― Freeky

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