Base Damage

(Lowest Damage on a Weapon + Highest Damage on a Weapon) / 2

Damage range of a normal hit

(Base Damage + Bonus Damage) * (70%-130%)

Damage range of a critical hit

((Base Damage + Bonus Damage) * (70%-130%)) * (100% + Bonus Critical Damage)


Damage of a weapon 100-200
Bonus damage: 200
Bonus critical damage: 50% Base damage: (100 + 200) / 2 = 150 Normal hit: (150 + 200) * (70%-130%) = 350 * (0.7-1.3) = 245-455 damage Critical hit: (245-455) * (100% + 50%) = (245-455) * 1.5 = 367-683 damage


Threat is an invisible statistic that only works when multiple players are involved in a fight.

To put it simply, the player with the highest Threat gets prioritized to be attacked by Enemies.

Threat is generated by dealing damage and healing. Tank players use it to get aggro of the Enemies on themselves. It can be increased by holding weapons with Bonus Threat (it works only when the Item with Bonus Threat is currently selected in the quickbar).

Enemies atttack the person who first got in their aggro range. The aggro gets passed to another player if they generate more Threat (by dealing more damage and / or healing).

Weapon without Threat

Base damage 100-200 -> 150 average damage
Average Threat generation per hit: 150

Weapon with Threat

Base damage 80-160 -> 120 average damage
Threat bonus +150%
Average Threat generation per hit: 120 + 120 * 150% = 120 + 180 = 300

Need or Greed

It's a drop system that works only when multiple players are in a group.

After an Enemy is defeated and it drops an Item, every player in the group gets the same loot window with the dropped Item, a timer, and two buttons labeled "Need" and "Greed". This works only for items of quality green or higher.

If all players in the group press Need, the Item goes to a randomly chosen player.

If some players pressed Need, and others pressed Greed, the Item goes to a randomly chosen player who picked Need.

If all players in the group press Greed, the Item goes to a randomly chosen player.

Not pressing any of those buttons after the timer runs out, counts as pressing Greed.

The messages in group chat saying [N=(random number)] or [G=(random number)] means how much someone has rolled out of 100 (N-need G-greed). The person who rolled the highest N number, gets the Item.


Need - I want the item.

Greed - I don't need the Item.

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