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Glynphyra's Hort or GH is a place of great attraction for level 30 players with somewhat decent gear as GH offers something that the other dungeons do not, the level 20 epic items which can be used to increase a level 30's overall damage per second by easily 100. But farming for a perfect weapon can be hard if you are alone in a cave facing a giant dragon. So here are some tips and strategies from the star soloists of the game.

Recommended Class and Gear Edit

A balanced hybrid between mage and healer class is recommended, along with the following gear:

  • Armor - Good (at least tier 1.5 is recommended) gear with two pieces of mage armor and two pieces of healer gear
  • For Healing- Restoration (Sojiro/Hollow Skull) A repeater (Lullaby/Phareon)
  • For Damaging - Flamestrike (Dmitri/Forsaken Ripper) and Fireball (Risato/Mantis)

Strategy Edit

Glynphyra does a variety of attacks. Some are dodgeable while other are just not.

Attack Dodging strategy Impact pattern
Green Projectile
Green proj.
This attack forms a giant 5x5 square impact, thus it is advised to move to the 3rd block vertically or horizontally away from the target block.
Glynph green projectile pattern-0
Blue Fireball
Blue projectile gh
This attack makes a large cross of 5 block length thus moving to the diagonally adjacent block to the target block.
Glynph blue fireball pattern-export
Direct Attack This is an undodgeable attack and the damage done by this attack is to be healed as soon as possible
Glynph direct attack
Green Fireball
Green gh
Gylnphyra fires a green fire ball in the little water sources present of the left or right of the caves. This causes a massive attack covering alternative blocks (depending on the which side the the fireball was fired) throughout the breadth of dungeon start. If the fireball is fired to the left (user's perspective) try aligning yourself with the grey rocks (light blue lines). If the fireball is fired to the right try aligning to the brown rock (dark blue line).
Glynph all attack patterfn

Players are to keep damaging Glynphyra continously while dodging these attacks players can easily find gaps between Glynphyra's attacks to heal and deal damage.

Note Edit

Red/Light Red - Impact Zone
Green - Target Block
Blue - Safe Blocks
Black Line - Recommended Path

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