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=== Meadowgrove Farm ===
=== Meadowgrove Farm ===
* [[Sittia Ennius]]
* [[Sittia Ennius]]
=== Meadowgrove ===
* [[Venis Ennius]]
* [[Venis Ennius]]

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Roaming NPCs are not included since you can't interact with them. Use F3 to find certain ones faster.

Farshore Province


The Ashamed Pig

Greenhill House

Mayor Haugaard House

Sirbumri Cavefeet Forge

Rudyard Farm House

Rusty Bucket Winery

Karlsen House

Unexplored Cave

Northwind Farm

Daristan House

Southwind Acres

Luscombe House

Treweeks Wood

Treweek House

Unknown Fields

Abandoned Farm

Abandoned House

Deep Brihm Forest

Brihm Forest

Bandit Cave


The Wild Lobsters Tavern

Borisov House

Gustafson House

Rocky Passage

Skywing Ravine

Geledur Path

Glynphyra's Forest

Glynphyra Cult


Family Bechtold

The Daily Frog

Royal Bears Barracks

Royal Bears Base

Geledur Warehouse

Granite Mountains


Longing Ore Tavern

Rustshore Warehouse

Family Hautala

Oldhorn Mine (zone)

Oldhorn Mine (cave)

Seashell Strand

Meerkat Plateau

Family Mustow

Sandy Cave

Royal Bears Outpost

Mullong Borderlands

Waldenbach Shire

Windswept Fields

Windswept Farm

Meadowgrove Farm


Meadowgrove Farm (house)

Fisherman's Prayer

Seahorse Tavern

Willowbranch Range

Lavekawa Forest

Lavekawa Farm


Vigtrim Store

Vigtrim Farm

Double Camel Pub

Tower of Aosior (zone)

Moonshine Pasture

Moonshine Farm


Mayor Korsgaard (house)

Midnight Church


Hypnotic Bison Inn

Royal Bears Headquarter

Foamy Carrot Hotel


Bronzearm Smith

Waldenbach Fields

Waldenbach Ranch


Eagle Pub

Lucabal Farm

Hillsrich Waters

Hillsrich Farm

Gleaming Glades

Jade Swamp

Frog Bog

Mulna Waters

Lavekawa Thicket

Misterious House

Lavekawa Lake

Bitterburg Ruins

Bitterburg Keep

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