Special Edit

A selection of special packages that will bring you a discount unlike the individual goods.

Starter Pack Adventurer Bundle


30 Days Full Account

Farmer Backpack (5 Slots)

Normal Gembox (220 Gems)


90 Days Full Account

Guard Backpack (10 Slots)

Big Gembox (450 Gems)

Shop icon starterpack Shop icon adventurerbundle
17,99 € 39,99 €

Account Edit

Get a Stein.Account and get bonuses that make your life more enjoyable in
EXP: +33%
EXP Professions: +33%
Gold Drops: +33%
Dungeons: Free
Friends: unlimited
Respawntime: halved
Active Quests: +15
Education Slots: +2
30 Days 90 Days 180 Days
Shop icon 30days Shop icon 90days Shop icon 180days
7,99 € 21,99 € 39,99 €

Gemboxes Edit

Small Gembox Normal Gembox Big Gembox Giant Gembox Colossal Gembox
100 Gems

200 Gems

+20 Gems Bonus

400 Gems

+50 Gems Bonus

1000 Gems

+150 Gems Bonus

2000 Gems

+400 Gems Bonus

Shop icon gems100 Shop icon gems200 Shop icon gems400 Shop icon gems1000 Shop icon gems2000
4,99 € 9,99 € 19,99 € 49,99 € 99,99 €

Backpacks Edit

Any good adventurer needs a decent backpack. Just as he needs a quality weapon to defeat enemies.

A backpack will increase the available slot number in your inventory. This is very useful if you carry a lot of things with you and are on the way for a long time.

Traveler Backpack Farmer Backpack Guard Backpack
+2 Backpack Slots +5 Backpack Slots +10 Backpack Slots
10% OFF!  15% OFF!
Shop icon bag2 Shop icon bag3 Shop icon bag1
44 Gems 100 Gems 188 Gems

Decoration Edit

Each crate contains a special decoration in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary quality.

Decorations are items that can be placed in the world for a short time. Decorations can be used more often.

Glynphyra Royal Bears
1 Glynphyra Deco-Crate 1 Royal Bears Deco-Crate
Shop icon crate glynphyra Shop icon crate royal bears
40 Gems 40 Gems

Potions Edit

Healing Potions Pack Energy Potions Pack Mana Potions Pack
120 Lavekawa Healing Potions 120 Lavekawa Energy Potions 120 Lavekawa Mana Potions
Shop icon potion heal Shop icon potion energy Shop icon potion mana
22 Gems 22 Gems 22 Gems
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