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How to contribute
There is a number of ways that you can contribute to this wiki in. But before you start, please check out the rules and maybe take a look at some of the tips that we compiled for new contributors. If you don't have the means to actively edit the wiki but would still like to contribute, you can feel free to give us some feedback. If you have any questions about how editing the wiki works, we recommend taking a look at the help pages.
Regularly updating content Planned content
There is some content that updates with every new version of and needs to be regularly updated, such as

  • Items (weapons and armor drops, shop items, crafted items, dungeon items, books, keys, crafting materials, etc)
  • Professions (low and high ranking recipes, exp values, crafting materials, entirely new professions, keys, etc)
  • Regions (Regions, NPCs, Traders, etc)
  • Quests
  • Mechanics (Changes to stats or items, new mechanics)
  • Dungeons

Additionally, sometimes already existing content is changed, making it necessary to update some content on the wiki.

Some planned content that is not yet present on the wiki and tasks that need to be done are

  • Guides on
    • Bosses (AoE patterns, attacks, mechanics, HP)
  • Correcting mistakes or outdated information on existing pages
    • EXP amounts on the Profession pages

Things to think about for after the rework:

  • Remove the question about the item squares from the FAQ
  • Weapon and Enemies' attack patterns
  • Explaining player stats on Game Mechanics page
  • Map out the maps:
    • resources HP, resources drops, gathering instructions?
    • locations correctly categorized as dungeons, caves?
    • quest items having info, on which quests they appear
    • horizontal page sliders for maps
  • Lower level information gathering:
    • Base Stats
    • Every piece of text in quests
    • Actual quest items and rewards' names and stats
    • Profession experience
    • Experience from Enemies
    • Enemy Damage and attack speed
Things to consider when creating a new page
Before creating a new page, there are a few things you should consider. The first thing that you should think about when you have an idea for a new article is if that content would fit into an already existing article. For example, if you want to create a new page about profession quests, you might want to consider just creating a new section in the Quests-article. Having too many big pages can quickly get confusing, and it can increase the risk of having some content double on different pages of the wiki. The second thing is if the page would fit on the wiki; while the wiki does allow for community-related content, some things are better placed on the Discord. Always feel free to contact an admin if you have further questions!
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