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The clan of DFC (Dumpster Fire Clan) is one of the six publicly known clans of the game. Suffering many incidents since its formation, the clan was very unstable in its early days. Events like the Leader Betrayal and The Great Clan War deeply affected the clan and its members. The clan now has been successful in achieving internal stability and peace with other clans.

History Edit

The clan was formed by a player by the name of Dasret that now belongs to HYS. Soon after the formation it was joined by an at the time new level 30 player Varniro who was assigned as the vice-leader of the clan on the basis of an official agreement. Soon following these events Dasret abandoned the clan they made and joined HYS without any notice to the only remaining member Varniro. Now with him alone in the clan he decided to not give up and re-established the clan and was soon joined by the cheerful new player FalconZ. The clan now grows, followed by another level 30 player, wrong.

The Great Clan War Edit


The Great Clan War[1] refers to a series of incidents that took place between the clans of DFC and HYS in mid-late 2019. The war was started due to a joke by the former member of the clan DFC but the members of the HYS clan failing to understand the sarcasm (not their fault, Varniro is just bad at jokes) resulted in taking it as an insult and war was declared. The war finally ended in a truce on the midnight of 6th December 2019 when a peace offering was presented by the leader of DFC to the HYS clan. Many say that there were still members within the HYS clan who resented this decision.

Present Day Edit

The clan is currently at peace looking for new members to join and engage the community in fun activities. The clan is filled with active members who can be seen farming, running dungeons and roaming around the game. The clan leader during an interview by STEIN NEWS said "The motive of our clan is not to break records or to gain popularity, we are just trying to make a fun and supportive community".

The Clan's Chant is "May the Flame Always Burn".


Current Members Edit

  • Varniro- A Weird Funny Guy!
  • FalconZ - A (Somewhat) Dedicated and (Mostly) Cheerful Player!
  • BornHunter - The Generous Trader

Footnotes Edit

  1. It was more of a spar, really. - Flynn Mandrake (talk) 19:12, December 6, 2019 (UTC)
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