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The Night Krew Logo

The clan of TNK (The Night Krew) is one of the six currently publicly known clans of the game. Formed on the 12th of April 2020, TNK is the newest clan of the game, gaining high popularity among newer players. TNK is a clan made by expert players and pure hard work.

History Edit

The Clan was formed by the two elite players Kreaamy and CosmicKnight. The leaders were in fact so thoughtful that they decided to not officially call themselves a clan before they had a strong base and many members. In an interview with the leader of the clan near the time of its formation they said that "It is more of a club right now"!

Lore of the Clan Edit


The day started like no other, I remember it clearly. A cosmic flash of light and fire rained down upon the stein world. The sea waters crashed upon the shores, a fog rolled in as a ship appeared off the coast slowly moving into the bay. The sails dropped showing the flag of TNK and out stepped two men, the power radiating off them like no other. It was CosmicKnight and Kreaamy ready to take this land by storm but they needed a Krew. So they set forth upon the land finding members[1] one by one leading them to victory after victory within the dark dungeons this land provided. Soon enough they came across a Hermit traveling from place to place and offered him a task. After the task was accepted Mesarye joined and rose up through the ranks to second in command. The rest was history, a family was born after that. They look out for one another and take care of those around them. Or so the legend goes at least :D

Present Day Edit

The clan of TNK flourishes with new members joining it, with its high popularity among users its the most rapidly growing clan of the game. The Clan's current 2nd in command Mesarye was initially a member who rose up the ranks with their hard work showing that the clan awards hard work and loyalty well. The founders of the clan say that the clan was especially formed to help out the newer players and get them ready for endgame, as newer player join the game everyday and get ready to face the dangers of higher levels along with the whole community. The clan encourages its members to stay active in the game and keep participating in quests and dungeons. In the leaders words "Most importantly, we try to make sure everyone is having a good time playing stein world and make memorable experiences in The Night Krew."

Founders/Leaders Edit

  • kreaamy
  • CosmicKnight
  • Mesarye

Members Edit

  • ezakto
  • Enemeeee
  • Digão
  • Bawss
  • Maolei
  • Beelorja
  • Cobob
  • Diiin
  • Datoneboi
  • SaulGoodman
  • Ovuvuevuevue

Hall of Legendary Krew-Mates Edit

  • lobsterman
  • Tysha
  • Shirumitsu
  • Averey
  • ShuuGD
  • Khiery

(These guys are currently sleeping)

Footnotes Edit

  1. After the two mighty warriors lost their steins at the inn
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