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The Great Clan Of HYSEdit

The Great Clan of HYS is one of the three publicly known clans in the game. It was founded on 10th day of November in the year 2018. The clan consists of high leveled, dedicated, sincere and skilled players. The clan of HYS is one of the most cheerful and supportive communities in the game. They regularly organize special events for all the players to participate in, in order to keep the community rolling. They are also very active[1] in the game and can always be spotted helping new players, running dungeons or doing fun activities all around the game. Many people sought to join this great clan but only the consent of every clan member leads to new admissions, and many skilled players have been turned down because of their rude personality towards new players. The clan has proven its consistency in its members quality.


  • [HYS] Makh [MOD] - The Crate Maniac
  • [Kevinna] HYS - The Godly Warrior
  • [HYS] Turbostar - A Great Warrior (currently asleep)
  • Dertes - The Hard-Working Fella.

Members Edit

  • Brenter
  • dasret
  • poolgoes
  • Flynn[2]
  • Erbs
  • frydrom
  • Khaine
  • Muni
  • Phialae
  • raptorss
  • zelketh

Story Behind The Clan Edit

Since many beginners lost their stein there are plenty of rumors that HYS is the reason why all steins are missing. There are many stories, but no one to this day discovered the truth. The most famous rumor is that stolen steins are hidden in the HYS basement as valuable trophy. Other rumors say that HYS clan is curse of gods for the bad drinking habits of Farshore citizens. Many of the HYS members are known as legendary and powerfull and one rumor also says, that they gain their power from stolen steins and special drink made from grass and wine. Some people are scared of HYS members but others know them as friendly and helpfull heroes. But from many stories is one thing certain. HYS members are strong and dedicated warriors and mages. That's why it is always big mistake to understimate them on open battlefield or dungeon runs.

Clan Recruiting Edit

It is very hard to get in the HYS clan as it is known that they have larger requirements for new members. Top 3 priorities are: Are you enthusiastic player ? Are you trusthworthy/friend with other clan members ? Are you active in the community ? Mostly HYS leadership will themselves aproach good canditates for new members but there is always chance that new request for clan membership will be aproved if player have certain atributes and is willing to co-operate with other members.



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