To help new and existing contributors add content and to ensure a certain amount of visual appeal in the wiki pages, I've compiled a few tips for formatting wiki pages.

  • If you want a line break without starting a new paragraph, which causes excessive whitespace, use [Shift]-[Return]!
  • If you want to put a lot of similar data on a page, try tables!
    • I recommend a width of 100% for big tables. That's personal preference though.
    • Try to not make your tables too long. If necessary, make multiple tables seperated by section headings.
    • Don't make too many columns either. If the columns are getting to narrow, try combining a few columns.
  • Use the integrated headings. For larger pages, the wiki will automatically generate a table of contents that makes it possible to skip quickly to different sections.
    • Don't use them too frequently, though. Only use them if you have at least a few lines of text, or the page layout will become confusing.
  • Add categories to pages that don't have any yet! It'll make pages easier to find.
  • When deciding on the formatting of a new page, keep in mind that new content might be added to the game at a later point of time. Try to design your pages in a way that makes it possible to add more content later without making the page layout confusing.
  • When creating or editing a page, try to add links to other pages whenever possible.
    • To link to a specific enemy, NPC or item, put the name of what you want to link to after the page name. Example: [[NPC#Cleaning_Lady]] → Cleaning Lady
  • While editing one of the Items-pages, remember to add icons!
    • Most icons are already uploaded, so you will just need to select the correct picture in the photo menu.
    • A lot of icons look very similar, so take care to select the correct icon.
  • Try to use Templates, especially for item-related matters.

This post might be updated in the future!